Privacy Policy

At Oh Wild, we’re completely dedicated to protecting your privacy when you visit our website, and we promise never to sell, trade or share your information with third parties. Our privacy policy is separated into different sections below, where you’ll find more details of exactly how we use your information.

By using Oh Wild, you’re agreeing to the collection and usage of your data.

We will never sell or distribute your name, email address or any personal data to any third party.

When you leave a comment via the form on Oh Wild, we collect your name, email address and internet protocol (‘IP’)¬† address. Email addresses are never shown, but users can choose to link their names to their blog addresses or Google profile pages.

At Oh Wild, we use a third party service called Google Analytics to gather information on visitors to the site. It collects details on age, gender, geographical location, Internet Service Provider and IP address, as well as telling us what type of technology you’re using to browse with; this information is never shared or sold, and is only used to assess web page popularity and tailor future content to the users needs. Individual users names and addresses cannot be identified by the information collected by Google Analytics.

At Oh Wild, we like to share the love and often link to external websites and blogs. Please be aware that other websites will have different privacy policies, and may choose to process your data in a different manner. Once you have left Oh Wild, we accept no responsibility for how your details are used, and advise caution on where and when you choose to share your information.

You are entitled to request copies of any information we hold, and ask that we delete it at any time. To do this, please send an email to

Cookies are small files that are collected when you visit a website; they are sent to your computer or mobile device and stored so the site recognises them at a later date. In turn, this improves your user experience by remembering your preferences and settings from any previous visits. At Oh Wild, we support cookies and may use them in the following ways:

  • To record website data usage
  • Store information about your preferences
  • Recognise when you return to our website

We cannot use cookies to access your computer, and you can change your browser settings to refuse cookies at any time.

The privacy policy at Oh Wild is effective of May 2018, and has been compiled to meet UK law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We reserve the right to amend the policy at any time, and any updated version can be found on this page.