weekend in pictures: sunshine and DIY

I haven’t done one of these posts in absolutely ages, so last weekend I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Here’s what we got up to!

1. We pottered about in Southsea, spotting loads of hanging baskets and planters bursting into life. I found these outside a local coffee shop, and now I’m thinking about doing something similar on the wall in our garden!

2, 3 & 4. I popped into Home Coffee in Southsea to grab some goodies to take away, and then we wandered up to the park on the seafront. It was soooo sunny and lovely – the first time we’ve been in months and I’ve not felt absolutely freezing!

5, 6, 7 & 8. I spent a happy hour browsing through the plants at our local garden centre; I’ve been so slack this year with sowing seeds, so I bought a few ‘backup’ seedlings – sweet peppers, peas, tomatoes and kale. Oh, and two more succulents – because what I really need is more houseplants to kill!

9. I’ve been working on a crochet project for myself, and finished blocking it over the weekend – you’ll be able to see it in the bedroom makeover post on the blog next week!

10 & 11. Our neighbourhood is absolutely full of blossom, and I can’t walk past a tree or bush without snapping a few pictures!

12. We’ve almost finished our bathroom, and were lucky enough to be gifted this amazing mirror from One World Trading – it’s got a shelf attached, which is a great place to put toothbrushes and little soaps. And more plants, obviously!

I’ve also joined Snapchat in the last week or so – I’m on there as owlandaccordion if you want to follow along. I’m probably more active on there than here – I love that you can have loads of fun with all the filters, but don’t need to edit anything!

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