top tips for spring dressing

Spring this year has been a real challenge so far. We’ve had snow, gales, rain, floods and the teeniest, tiniest bit of sunshine, which means that if you’re planning on leaving the house any time soon, you’re probably going to want to be prepared for, well, everything. Here are my top five tips for dressing well in the sun / rain / wind / monsoon season that is good old British Springtime….

All items from Joules, except for the wellies, which are Hunter.

1. Pick some prints. 
If you’ve seen my outfit posts, you’ll know that I love prints on clothing. Florals, spots, stripes, chevrons, birds, animals…. the lot. Often at the same time. Ahem. I love a good printed dress, like this one from Joules  (I love Joules stuff – they’re a British brand that produce amazingly eccentric prints and bright colours, and every time I get one of their catalogues, I spend aaaaaages sighing over the lovely things) , and the fact that it’s a little bit tunic-esque means you could get away with wearing it with tights, leggings or even jeans. Aces.

2. Prepare for a chill.
Even if the sun is shining when you leave the house, it doesn’t mean that it will be when you come home. More than anything in the world, I hate being uncomfortable and cold, so I always arm myself with a cardigan, no matter how warm it is. This quirky duck intarsia cardi is just the thing – who wouldn’t want a cardi that keeps them warm and has birds on it?!

3. Stay dry.
The only thing worse than being cold when you’re out, is getting rained on. The ‘drowned rat’ look is never a good one, and there’s nothing that ruins the day faster than a soggy frock. A good lightweight raincoat or waterproof poncho will fold down into almost nothing in your bag, which means you can forget it’s there until you need it. Don’t leave home without your umbrella, either – gone are the days of dull colours or transparent  cocoons; there are an amazing array of colours and prints on sale now, like the mustard (come on, you know I love mustard by now!) floral one pictured above. Both will keep you dry if the heavens open. Because, lets face it, this is Britain. And they probably will.

4. Accessorise.
It might be Spring, but this doesn’t mean you can banish all thoughts of scarves. A good lightweight scarf can serve a thousand different purposes (mine always seem to end up as flags for the kiddos tents….), from covering your hair after getting caught in the rain, to tying round your neck as an alternative to necklaces or beads. My favourites are brightly coloured and, yep, you guessed it… printed.

5. Choose your footwear.
Wellies aren’t just for winter, and they aren’t just for gardening you know. Hunter are famous for their amazing wellies that come in a variety of colours, prints, styles and heights, and there’s the added bonus that they keep your feet dry in anything from a short, sharp shower to a full on tidal wave. I love the studded ones, pictured above – a great way to give your delicate floral dress a bit of an edge.

Have you got any tips for dealing with the unpredictable weather while staying stylish in the Spring?

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