the tipping point

I don’t usually post about political issues on this blog – not because I’m not interested, or because I don’t read up on it, but because I don’t like to start internet debates that encourage angry commenting frenzies. Today, however, I’ve decided to join the many other bloggers and journalists to speak out about the tipping point – the recent atrocities in Syria.

49 of the innocent people slaughtered were children. Helpless, defenceless children. I don’t want to reproduce the events here, so to read further details, the Times has put the article outside the paywall for today, June 1st – the day when bloggers all over the world have united to speak out against the violence and horrors.

You can find links to more posts, and speak out yourself using the #tippingpoint hashtag on Twitter, sign petitions at Avaaz and Amnesty International and read about taking more action online.

Don’t just speak out, shout out.

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