tigerlilly quinn shop and a giveaway

One of the first bloggers I stumbled across way back in 2011 was Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn; I was pregnant with Daisy at the time, and spent ages reading all of her pregnancy posts – I remember wondering how she managed to look so ‘glowy’ while I looked like a tramp! Four years on, and not only am I still an avid reader of her blog (baby number two is expected soon! Exciting!), but I’m also a big fan of her online shop; with stock ranging from clothing and bags to jewellery, stationary and childrens items, it’s one of the first places I look when I’m searching for presents (or stocking fillers!)

Fritha is going to be taking some time away from the shop in a month or so, but before she does, we’ve teamed up to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a £50 gift voucher to spend on whatever they like. That’s a large chunk of Christmas taken care of!
In case you’re just not sure what you’d spend your winnings on, I’ve created a collage below featuring all of my current favourite items – happy shopping!

1. Tivoli by Ingela P Arrhenius, £16
2. Chalkboard Style Thank-You Card, £2.75
3. Mix and Match Folk Stamped Bowls, £6.25
4. OMM Design Memory Game, £7.99
5. Studio Matryoshka Christmas, £19.99
6. Frida Kahlo Brooch, £7
7. Mix & Match by OMM Design, £11.99
8. Amy and Ivor Moccasins, £38
9. Toucan Necklace, £8.99

To win, all you have to do is complete any of the entries on the Rafflecopter widget below – you can either do one or all of them. The more you do, the more chances you have to win – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. laura redburn
    October 21, 2015 / 9:13 am

    firstly, LOVE these photos! secondly, i'd have to get a little something for myself (i love the ingela plant pots) and would spend the rest on little presents for my (boyfriends) family.

  2. Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby)
    October 21, 2015 / 9:25 am

    Hi! I’d love to buy the Mix & Match game, the Lion print by Ingela P Arrhenius and the Love enamel mug. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous
    October 21, 2015 / 9:29 am

    The unicorn money box is amazing and I love the bowls!! Stef

  4. Eleanor at The Bristol Parent
    October 21, 2015 / 9:31 am

    The nativity set is a BIG favourite of mine!

  5. Hannah Taylor
    October 21, 2015 / 9:33 am

    I love her shop and i really like the fact she gave her September profits to charity to support the Refugee Crisis.

    • Victoria Haynes
      October 21, 2015 / 9:35 am

      I know! One of the many reasons I love her!

  6. Joanne
    October 21, 2015 / 9:37 am

    I love the bowls and the Frida brooch! x

  7. kayleigh watkins
    October 21, 2015 / 10:45 am

    I absolutely love number 5, I had the Russian dolls when I was a child, this design is fantastic for Christmas, I would love my daughter to adore them as much as I did, thank you very much for the chance xxxx

  8. Julia
    October 21, 2015 / 10:57 am

    Love Fritha's shop! I've had my eye on the Mix and Match Folk Stamped Bowls for a while 🙂

  9. Becca
    October 21, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    What a beautiful selection of stuff! Love the photo frames and mugs in her shop! 🙂 x

  10. Rebecca U
    October 21, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Love all of the stuff. I'd get some of the cute stationary

  11. Becci Foster
    October 21, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    I love this shop and keep eyeing up a number of things including the ballon brooch and friendship bracelets 😄

  12. Pati from London
    October 21, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    Ohh I know her shop. She stocks a lot of fab and quirky things. Thank you so much for hosting such a generous giveaway! Pati x

  13. Hannah
    October 21, 2015 / 5:14 pm

    Well I could lie and say i'd buy stuff for the kids but in reality it would all be for me me me!

  14. Natasha Rowarth
    October 21, 2015 / 5:19 pm

    Ive got a baba due in 3 weeks and see some lovely bright bits to finish off the nursery!! xx

  15. rosie
    October 21, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    I love the Studio Matryoshka Christmas set! What a lovely shop 🙂

  16. Anonymous
    October 21, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    Lovely stuff! How could I possibly resist a shop that has a section just for cats? There are some lovely tins, which are always helpful.

  17. Lydia Frew
    October 22, 2015 / 5:57 am

    I like the Statement Shourouk Necklace, Bee Happy tins, coat hangers, circus storage tins, folk art bowls

  18. Julie
    October 22, 2015 / 6:45 am

    I really like the moomin ipad case and no.5 plus everything I seen 🙂

  19. Halcyon Threads
    October 23, 2015 / 9:07 am

    Love do much in the shop, especially the plates – wouldn't they make a lovely picnic set! Also the Russian Dolls are amazing – I was enchanted by these as a little girl and would love a set now! X

  20. the linen cloud
    October 23, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    So much gorgeousness! I'd love the frames and bowls. Xx

  21. Emmeline P
    October 26, 2015 / 3:40 pm

    I'd definitely treat myself to a few goodies (I'm looking at you moomin cases and wire necklaces!) and I'd stock up on Christmas presents for my buddies.

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