thrifted: floral blouse and the best purse ever

I mentioned in my last post that I’d had a couple of failures in relation to the ‘no buying’ rule, but in all fairness – nope, there’s actually no excuse. I’m just completely weak willed, and a total sucker for a good bit of vintage – so when we drove past a Save the Children Super Sale last weekend, there was pretty much no hope for me!
I actually didn’t time my posts very well this week, as I’ve already worn both new (to me) things in previous outfit pictures, but I think they deserve a post all of their own, so here they are…

I found this lovely little blouse just before I left, although I’d walked past and not noticed it on the way in – I’ve been wearing lots of blouses and shirts lately, so I thought another one added to the collection was a very sensible purchase. And that’s exactly how I justified it to myself. Ahem.

I’ve got no idea when it dates from, but I’d guess around about the 1970s. The absolute best bit is hiding underneath the label in the neckline….

Yes, it was made right here, on British soil. Hurrah for vintage-ethical-British-manufactured wonders.
I featured my other buy in my outfit post yesterday – the most amazingly beautiful floral bag that I have ever seen, in the world, ever.

I love everything about it; the colours, the pattern, the fact that it’s deceptively roomy (yes, 15mm crochet hook, you can live in there) and the way it’s actually wonderfully multi-functional – at the moment it’s holding my crochet hooks, but as it’s big enough to hold my phone, keys and some money, it would double as a great little clutch when going out for dinner. Hint hint, Husband.

I’ve been doing an awful lot of pottering about online, trawling eBay and Barnebys, and have come up with a little selection of things I’d snap up in a nano-second. Especially that beautiful cape!

From top left: 1970s Dress – devoted 2 vintage // Blouse – Yayer // Leather Brogues – Rokit // Tapestry Cape – Love Miss Daisy //
Sunglasses – Rokit // Geometric Top – Rokit // Sleeveless Denim Top – Rokit //Suitcase full of goodies – Barnebys

This post was written in collaboration with Barnebys.

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