sunday morning whip up

I’ve been wanting to have a go at making removable collars for a while now, ever since I realised I had half a cupboard full of tops and dresses that I was planning on sewing collars onto. There’s just something so final  about sewing directly onto a piece of clothing – I love little collars right now, but will I love them in three months time? My style choices tend to chop and change, so it’s almost a dead cert that I probably won’t. Then I’d be sat in front of Eastenders with the seam ripper every night, cursing getting so happy with the sewing machine in the first place. Removable collars are definitely the way forward.

So on Sunday morning, while the Husband was having quality man-time with the Boy, I set about thinking the best way to construct a pattern for my first draft collar. In hindsight, I could have probably found a pattern on the internet, but I’m stubborn and wanted it to be all my own work – so I measured my neck and then….. drew around a biscuit tin. No word of a lie – I got the curve right by drawing round the place where we keep our lunchbox snacks!

I used some leftover fabric from a pair of curtains that I bought in a charity shop to line a cape I’m sewing (that’s another post entirely….), as I had enough for a small project like this, but not enough for something bigger like a cushion cover. I sewed it inside out in one long strip, which was a good idea at first, but then when it came to trying to turn it in the right way… well, it took a lot of patience, that’s all I can say. I pinned the ribbon inside either end, turned the ends under and finished it off. Then ran straight to the bathroom mirror to see how it fit. Success (mostly)!


I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out – even though it’s a little big and tends to fall forwards sometimes (how did this happen? I measured!), and I love that it fits over so many different styles and prints of clothing. One thing I will say – sewing these is extremely addictive, and I already have plans for different sizes, shapes and fabrics. Floral, striped, cotton, lace, cord….. the possibilities are endless.

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