summer fun: staunton country park

If you don’t like flowers, then you’re probably not going to like todays post much – so sorry in advance for being a botanical bore!

I’ve lived round the corner (and I do mean literally round the corner!) from Staunton Country Park pretty much my entire life, and I’m ashamed to say until recently I’d never been. (Actually, my Mum said we went on a school trip when I was in the infants, but I definitely don’t remember that!) It’s a really great place to go for the day; there’s a whole load of farm animals that you can feed, two giant play areas for the kiddos, plenty of outdoor space to explore and roam, and the most beautiful walled garden I’ve ever seen. Something for everyone!

We bought some grass nuts on the way in, and the kiddos had a grand time pottering about feeding the sheep and goats – they made the most of the walk-through encounter area, where the animals were roaming around. (I stayed outside with the bags and prayed that nobody trod in anything nasty!) I left the three of them at the adventure playground and wandered round to the garden, which was HEAVEN. It was a beautifully warm day, and the air was filled with the heady scent of lavender; the tallest aliums waved in the breeze alongside deep purple spires of Veronica, and a sea of golden flowers nodded their heavy heads. I could have quite happily spread out a blanket and taken a nice long nap!

We’ve decided that we’re going to make more of an effort to start venturing out to new places; it’s easy to fall into the habit of going to the same old favourites, but that’s not much of an adventure is it? I’ve got a whole list of houses, gardens and outdoor spaces to visit, and this Saturday we’re off to Lewes for a look in the independent shops and cafes (the weather has forecast rain, so why not!).

Whatever you’re doing, have a wonderful weekend – I’ve got some great posts lined up for next week; a shop feature, book reviews, and a few other things. Hopefully I’ll get them finished in time!

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