sowing and growing and reading, oh my

I said in my last post that I hadn’t really had time for blogging, and I have got some great pictures for future posts (soon, I promise!), but for now, I think this little collection is a great representation of both things that I’ve been enjoying, and things that I’ve developed a lust for…

Sowing and growing: As I’ve said about a gazillion times already (and if you’re an instagram follower, you’ll have seen the million pictures), I’ve become marginally obsessed with gardening, growing and everything country-related. I’ve always harboured longings for a cottage with lots of land; my daydreams involve four children roaming freely over a sun drenched rambling garden, while I watch from the kitchen window, making piles of preserves and sauces (I do realise that in reality, it would be pouring with rain, whatever was on the stove would be burnt, and the kiddos would be beating the heck out of each other, or fighting over the TV remote. But we can all dream….). Basically, the Husband and I haven’t managed to make our first million yet, so for now we’re making do with our little rented house in suburbia, and I’m thoroughly enjoying having a garden (even if it’s not quite an acre, ahem). It’s possible I might have got a bit overexcited, because I’ve planted pretty much some of every vegetable you can grow – the greenhouse is heaving, and the patio is full of pots. I’m not confident that I’ll get even a third of the crop I’m hoping for, but hey, in the first year, even one tomato would be a success, right? (Right?!)
Rose Print Garden Tool Set by The Contemporary Home // Vintage World Map Flask and Cup by Dotcomgiftshop

Wearing: I haven’t done an outfit post for absolutely ages, mostly because I’ve just been recycling the same clothes, over and over again. Jeans, knits, dresses, wellies, sandals. And repeat. I’ve realised that for me, being comfortable is more important than being ‘on trend’, and I need clothes that can cope with being painted on, sanded over and gardened in. The weather has been really up-and-down here on the South Coast, but we’ve had quite a bit of sun, and it’s been nice to dig out my old sunglasses from last year (which are fine, but I’m still hankering after a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers – a lifelong lust!)
Danni Square Print Dress by People Tree // Tote Bag by Joules // Ray Ban Wayfarers by Red Hot Sunglasses // Cable Linen Cotton Pullover by Toast // Long Glass Beaded Strand by Toast // Salt Water Sandals in Tan // Stripey Socks by People Tree // Yellow Crochet Headband by Lowie // Posh Wellies by Joules

Sitting and doing: It’s been a challenging old time lately when it comes to the kiddos, and by the time they’re in bed and asleep, the last thing I feel like doing is switching on the laptop. Instead, I’ve been crocheting, listening to the radio (especially Radio 4, there’ve been some ace programmes on lately) and reading. And of course everything is always, always accompanied by tea. And sometimes usually always chocolate.
Vintage Radio by Bush // Summer of Love by Katie Fforde // Rhombus Grafika Mug by Nineteen Seventy Three // Country Living magazine


  1. Lisa-Marie
    June 18, 2013 / 8:18 am

    Vicky, this is such a good representation of you – a mixture of interests, styles, textures. Lovely.

  2. Style Eyes
    June 19, 2013 / 9:18 am

    Oh yes I have that dream too but pretty sure the reality would be very different and my garden overgrown with weeds as I don't really like getting my nails dirty. I love that People Tree dress too!

  3. QueenieDot
    June 20, 2013 / 3:32 pm

    What a lovely collection of things. That dress! I'm a sucker for anything spotty or stripey!

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