Snippets of Summer

Although it’s only October, the summer seems like a distant memory now; the long, balmy evenings have made way to creeping darkness and flimsy dresses are slowly being replaced by soft knits and sturdy boots. We spent a lot of time out and about over the summer; camping, at the park, at the beach and in the woods, but I found myself taking way less photos than usual. I’ve suddenly realised I spend most of my life looking through a lens, desperate to capture the kiddos while they’re still young – but by doing so, I’m not really seeing them, right there, in the moment. So this year, I took a few personal ones as mementoes, and spent the rest of the time watching their smile-creased faces and sand-covered toes as they immersed themselves in the joy of summer.

(The top photos are from a camping trip in Weymouth, and the bottom ones are from Longleat – if you’ve never been, you must go. It’s incredible!)

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