the sad demise of the eBay shop (and lovely things for sale)

Although it hasn’t been open even a month, I’ve decided to close the eBay shop as the fees were pretty extortionate. I made a pretty good profit with the most recent batch of sales, but then at least half of it got eaten up by fees, damn you, pesky eBay small print. I think unless you have a turnover in excess of £500, a shop is never going to be profitable – so I’ve decided to go back to selling as an individual. You can find my profile here, and then click through to the listings. I’m going to put a link in the sidebar at some point, but considering that I hardly ever get time to write posts, I can’t imagine when that will be. Twelfth of Never, perhaps!

Anyway, these little beauties are up for sale right now, and I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely friend Jen for modelling for me – she was very patient when I was barking “look left, no right, move left, no right. Roll your sleeves up. No, pull them down.” Thanks, love!


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