Rose Clover Plants and Flowers

Last year I wrote about my friends lovely plant shop in Southsea, when she was sharing a space with an interior buyer – since then, she’s moved to a premises of her own and it is SO GOOD.

Rose Clover is now on Elm Grove (not far from Bread Addiction, a seriously good bakers and patisserie), and the shop is packed full of beautiful plants, artisan pots, magazines, books and flowers sold by the stem. I was ridiculously excited to find a Monkey Mask plant (they’re SO hard to come by!) and some small pilea plants (mine had babies, and I decided to separate them out in totally the wrong season – they’ve since gone to the great plant shop in the sky….), as well as loads of amazing trailers and air plants. It’s seriously the best shop for plants and flowers, so if you’re local and into plants – get down there!

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