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Towards the end of last year, I went a bit mad and had three really good decluttering sessions; years of hoarding and rummaging in charity shops had left our house full of an excessive amount of china, pots, plates (seriously, SO many side plates….), trays, fabric and nick-nacks. There were shelves put up specifically with the task of holding stuff that was only ever touched when it got dusted, I had metres and metres of fabric, old duvet covers and curtains in gaudy retro patterns that I had bought to use ‘one day’, and my cupboards were stuffed full of vintage magazines, knitting patterns and photographs from the 1930’s and 40’s. I gave most of it away, sending a big package to the lovely Charly at Landgirl 1980 (her house is vintage heaven – go and have a look!), and the rest to local friends, and then the last few bits and pieces went to the charity shops. 

I still love vintage things, but these days I tend to be a bit more discerning with what I buy; anything enamel is a weakness, as are earthenware pots (as you can probably tell from the pictures!), and I’m a sucker for vintage books – I especially like anything to do with nature, gardening or crafts. My style has changed hugely since I started blogging; I prefer to have way less ‘stuff’ and I fell completely out of love with bold colours and patterns, finding myself drawn more and more to natural earthy tones, soft greys and crisp whites. I’d still describe our home as vintage in style, but with more of a modern rustic side that makes it more comfortable to live in – and much easier to clean!

I’ve never though of myself as being drawn to a particular era; I’ve always loved the history of the thirties and forties, but style wise I wouldn’t have a clue – I usually just pick up things I like. The folks over at Co-Operative Insurance have devised the Room for Change tool that helps you to work out which decade your home fits in with best – I took it and ended up with the 1920’s; simple furniture, lots of books and a good fireplace. Sounds about right to me! 

Many thanks to the Co-Operative Insurance for collaborating on this post.


  1. Lizzie Woodman
    January 14, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    I love the 30s and 40s too and I used to collect a lot of things – magazines, knitting patterns, photos, mismatched china, clothes… lots and lots of it! Like you I'm trying to declutter. All the stuff doesn't bring me that much pleasure anymore, and it's sometimes a bit of a burden looking after all these things. I don't buy old china anymore, but I'll like you I'll always have a weakness for stoneware pots! Oh, and baskets, I have too many of those too.

  2. Joanne Gilson
    January 15, 2016 / 11:37 am

    I am very much an eclectic lady. My homes have been forever the same (23 years later). I love the mix of vintage and modern, books, lamps, wood from different eras, pictures, mirrors, you name it. I've lived in 19th century hours, tiny cottages, London flats, large modern minimalist houses in Australia. I'm presently enjoying a modern home in a seaside part of Melbourne and my vintage Singer sewing machine table has never looked so pretty. Vintage wins hands down.

  3. Katie Bedlow
    January 18, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    I am in the midst of a giant de-clutter, I am renovating my entire house so I had to clear the loft to allow ceilings to be taken down and replastered……it's given me a whole new mindset! I love vintage homeware too, I mix it with Contemporary but I still have far too much, need to be brutal so the special pieces get their chance to shine! Katie x

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