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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen my tweets bemoaning the lack of thrifting opportunities lately; I always check the charity shops regularly, but they just seemed to be full of old Primark stuff and characterless work shirts – not a vintage frock or crocheted blanket in sight. Suffering from a severe case of Thrifters Despair, I was about to give up completely – until I spotted the corner of something floral and suspiciously vintage looking through the window of my local Salvation Army shop. I ran inside in an excited sweat, and came out clutching a vintage Jaegar blouse that cost me the princely sum of £4. It had been a long time coming, but completely worth the wait – and the best thing was, it kicked off a couple of weeks worth of amazing finds.

I’m not sure exactly how vintage the Jaegar blouse is, but considering the amazing pattern and bargain price, I’m not overly bothered either. It’s actually made of silk as well; so it’ll be cool in the warmer months, but still perfect to layer over thermal tops this winter. Hurrah!

The spotty blouse was an eBay find that I was really pleased with – until it arrived in the post, with a load of holes in the right hand sleeve. I think they’ll be easy to darn, but it’s still irritating that it wasn’t disclosed in the original listing. The seller offered to refund me, but I decided I’d rather have the holes mended than mess about sending it back and waiting to get my money back. I’ve never had any trouble with eBay sellers before, so I’m hoping it was a one-off genuine mistake! Even with its holes, I love the button cuffs and waistband, and the little gathered pleats – it’s a beaut!

I found the wonderful puff-sleeve blouse in a charity shop I don’t visit very often, because it’s right out of town, so it was actually a happy little accident. It actually started its life in my wardrobe with full length sleeves, but after a small tussle between it, the Husband and the iron, they ended up at just about elbow length. It leaped out at me amidst a sea of dull lycra t-shirts and bootcut jeans, and I love it for the ace vertical stripe print – something a bit different from all my other breton-style tops!

I think the award for ‘Best Thrifty Find in the Entire World, Ever’ has to go to this little vintage blouse, which I found nestling on a rack in my local Barnardos shop, and cost me exactly £2.99. It has no labels, and is made of what I think might be a viscose / silk mix, but the embroidery on it is absolutely exquisite. Tiny leaves, stems and petals adorn the front and sleeves, and there’s even a single motif in the centre of the back; it feels quite delicate, so it might well end up being one of those things that is put on display on the bedroom wall.

These vintage dresses are from the early eighties, and I found them in Sue Ryder – we’ve got quite a large branch in our little town centre, and they’ve usually got a fairly good selection of stock. I found them side by side, like they were just sitting there waiting for me; the red floral one is my absolute favourite, mostly because of the crochet peter pan collar, but I do love the other one as well. The Husband said nothing when I pulled it out of the bag, which I suspect is his way of being tactful! It is admittedly quite a loud print, but I’m planning on wearing it with a cable knit jumper over the top and thick black tights or leggings, which should tone it down a bit. Maybe in the summer it’ll come out in all it’s glory!

The leopard print blouse also came from Barnardos, and is wonderfully oversized – the only problem is that I have to do it up at the neck with a brooch, as the buttons stop at chest height. I’ve been looking for an oversized leopard shirt for months and months, so was pretty pleased when I found that one – I think it’ll be grand with skinny jeans and my famous mustard coat. I’ve also found two coats in the last week; one is grey and has a faux fur collar, and the other is an oversized, red, double-breasted wonder-coat, which could easily go for £80 in the shop. Both are pure wool, and both came to exactly £10.99. You just can’t knock a good thrift!

Have you found anything lately? Leave a link in the comments if you have, I love nosing through peoples charity shop finds!

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