it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas….

So, we’re into the last week of November, and things are about to get a whole lot more festive around here. Over the next few weeks, posts are mostly going to be divided into three groups: shop, make and give. I’ve been writing and photographing craft and crochet tutorials, gift ideas and guides to the best places to shop for your home and loved ones this Christmas; I love the festive season, but I always try to put the emphasis on homemade things and trying to shop a bit more independently – hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in there somewhere!

I’ve decided to kick things off with a little Christmas mood board – I love decorating the house at Christmas, but I”m not really into the modern bright colours, I like to keep everything a bit more natural. Last year I went hunting through the woods for foliage and berries, but got a bit fed up with having to replace them so often (berries tend to shrivel after a few days), so this year I’m going to mix in some fake ones (gasp!). I’m really picky about fake foliage though, and it has to look as real as possible – everything in the collage above is from John Lewis, and they’re pretty convincing. Wild Damson in Petersfield do an amazing selection of this sort of thing, so that’s where I’ll be heading. My idea of a good festive lounge is a comfy sofa (we’re not in the market for a new one, but I found this little beauty at Sofa Sofa – I love the shape, the wooden legs and the lovely high arms. Perfect for nesting in!), plenty of greenery, berries, pine cones and dried fruits, cosy blankets and lots of candles. Oh and the tree, obviously!

1. Two-pack Christmas decorations, £6.99, H&M
2. Lucca 3-seater sofa, £349, Sofa Sofa
3. British made 100% wool blanket, £49, The Future Kept
4. Jormaepourri midwinter dried fruit hanger, £3.50, John Lewis
5. Lantern, £19.99, H&M
6. Midwinter red berry, cone and rosehip wreath, £25, John Lewis
7. Queen Anne’s lace spray, £4, John Lewis
8. Berry garland, £25, Marks and Spencer
9. Paisley print hot water bottle cover, £35, Toast
10. Hand poured botanical candle in Hibernate, £12, The Future Kept
11. Cones and berries, various prices from a selection, John Lewis
12. Baubles, £4 for ten, IKEA

This is a collaborative post.

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