happy birthday to me

Last week was my birthday, and we spread the jollies over a whole weekend. I’d like to be able to say that I went out for drinks and dinner in my best vintage dress, and then nipped off to Brighton or London for some lovely thrifting adventures, but sadly not. I did have a lovely time, nice and relaxing, which as the proud owner of a toddler, has become something of a rarity. The Husband, the Boy and I had a lovely day later that week exploring some local haunts, and visiting my favourite vintage shop (that’s a whole other post!), but my actual birthday was spent at my parents house, eating nice things and chatting away. Which means this is something of a ‘lookwhatIgotaren’tIluckyCathKidstonOoooohhhh’ post, as I show off my lovely presents and gush about them quite a lot.

I was at a loss when people asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so in the end, I went out and chose everything, then the relevant people took the gifts home and wrapped them up, then gave them back to me on the day!

My Mum and Dad bought me some really lovely things…. (from top) a top from French Connection, which is made up of all of my favourite colours of the moment – olive green, mustard yellow and a variety of blues, the most beautiful little cardigan from White Stuff which looks like it really should be vintage, a teal velvet coat which has the BEST lining ever (also from White Stuff), and the most deliciously warm Fair Isle slippers, which I adore (and often find the Boy shuffling around the lounge in). The bottom photo shows all my Cath Kidston goodies from various people – the purse and butterfly hair clip were from my Mum and Dad, the tea towels and apron were from the In-Laws and the huuuuuge piece of fabric and travel sewing kit were from my lovely workmates.

The Husband really spoiled me as well…. (from top) a lovely Cath Kidston cardigan that I’d been secretly eyeing up since the shop opened, a gorgeous book by Orla Kiely on her career with huge amounts of amazing photos (there will be a post coming up on this – it really is the most incredible book), and some crafty bits including the softest, most delicious wool ever – an aran mix of cashmere and merino wool. I have no plans for it, other than to sit and stroke it a bit. Maybe a blanket?

I was thoroughly spoiled and had a marvelous day – hopefully this is some sort of omen for the year ahead!


  1. Fay
    February 22, 2011 / 9:51 pm

    Happy belated birthday! What gorgeous gifts you received, especially the cardigans. Mmm… new wool…. looking forward to seeing what it turns into.I love the new blog, I did the same thing last march with my blogs, it really is the time for a spring clean! Found your new link on twitter. Beautiful blog header too! Fay X

  2. Vicky
    February 22, 2011 / 10:09 pm

    I'm going to do a tweet and also a post on the old blog, hopefully everyone will find me here! The blog header came out rather better than I expected – what are the chances of finding a photo of a woman playing the accordion?! It was just a cut and paste jobby, but I quite like it! I have so many projects lined up – all I keep doing is sitting in front of the TV trawling through the vintage section of eBay though! Thanks for the birthday wishes, thirty is creeping ever closer! x

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