get well soon

My Aunt has breast cancer, and although it was caught early, and she’s had the necessary operations, she’s had to go through chemotherapy (and soon radiotherapy) to zap the bastard cells (sorry, that was sweary, I’m not often sweary, but I think on this particular occasion it’s acceptable). The side effects of chemo are obviously pretty well known, from losing weight and fingernails to the more obvious mouth ulcers and loss of hair – the NHS provided her with a couple of free wigs, which she said were fine, but when relaxing at home she wanted something a little more comfortable and less….. itchy to wear. As soon as I heard, I got the hook out and made the best possible use for my leftover Sublime Cashmerino – although if I’m honest, I did buy a couple of extra balls as well.

I started with a pink and blue one and sent it off immediately – it was very well received, and she reported back that her friends and neighbours had all asked where she’d got it from. The one in the pictures above was a second one I made when my Mum mentioned to me that my Aunt couldn’t bare to wash the first one, as she didn’t have a spare. I wrapped it up in some old curtain fabric I’d found in a charity shop a few weeks beforehand, tucked a little notecard in with it and posted it off. She was ever so happy, and has since finished her chemo, and three hairs have appeared back on the top of her head. I like to think it’s the healing power of a good crochet hat myself…..


  1. Rose&Bird
    May 4, 2011 / 6:00 pm

    Maybe it was the hat! Best wishes to your aunt for a speedy recovery x

  2. Michelle
    May 7, 2011 / 3:41 pm

    What a lovely way to show you care. Maybe it was the hat but I think the love and support of such caring family goes a long way too.

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