found: ship and shape

A couple of evenings ago I was trawling through Pinterest for plant-related pictures (what else?!), and a picture of a window full of plants popped up; there were shelves and hanging pots and trailing plants and it was GLORIOUS (it really deserves the capitals). I clicked through, and the image came from this little online store which seemed to stock everything I’ve ever hankered after, and a few things I didn’t even realise I wanted.

The older I get, the more I want to fill my house and wardrobe with handmade, unique items – I love supporting independent businesses and makers; there’s nothing better than drinking your morning coffee from a mug that’s been shaped by hand, or potting your plants in a planter that’s a complete one-off. Ship and Shape is basically one incredible online boutique featuring a massive range of handmade items; think understated pendants and brass cuffs, bright and colourful necklaces and earrings, handmade ceramics and homewares, prints and accessories. I’m particularly keen on the ceramics by Recreation Centre, and the handwoven summer clutch by Betsy Burr – one of the best things about Ship and Shape is that it introduces you to so many artists and creatives that otherwise you would probably have never discovered. And that can’t be bad!

To see more head to the Ship and Shape website, or catch up with the latest goings on over on the blog.

All images used with kind permission of Ship and Shape.

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