ethical summer bargains

Ali had some H&M vouchers for his birthday (most of which ended up being spent on the kiddos – you get so much more for your money when you’re buying in miniature!), so last weekend we spent our Saturday in a real, live shopping centre. I usually buy everything second-hand, vintage or online, because I HATE the crowds, the pushing, the shoving and the whole disorganised chaos of high street shops – I’d much rather be in the garden with the plants or at the beach with the kiddos. Shopping is a much more enjoyable experience when you’re sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas, with tea and biscuits to hand!

I did get to nip into Urban Outfitters though – I have a love / hate relationship with them as their ethical practises aren’t great, but I do love their Urban Renewal range, which reinvents and upcycles old fabric and clothes into lovely, shiny new things. I found an amazing little kimono jacket for £25, and although I didn’t buy it (I really have become such a penny pincher lately!), it made me think that perhaps it was time to do another ethical style post. People think that ethical and environmentally friendly clothes are either all beige hemp, or cost like £756232903846548 for a t-shirt, which is often true, but that’s not always the case. Todays post is my roundup of the best ethical and vintage clothes and accessories for £50 and under. Bargain-tastic!

1. Reclaimed Denim Dress, £19, ASOS Reclaimed Vintage
2. Nadya Hazbunova Hand Pendant, £35, Lowie
3. Straw Bag, £22, Rokit
4. Vintage Boho Trim T-shirt, £25, Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters
5. Lace-Up Glitter Shoes, £20, Monki (They have a really good CSR policy, you can read it here)
6. Pink Heart Sunglasses, £9, Rokit
7. Sari Kimono, £45, Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters 
8. Straw Bag, £20, Rokit (I love how the handles look like upside-down hearts!)

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