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Regular readers will know that I have an on-off relationship with everything eco-friendly, and while I’m incredibly enthusiastic and willing to try most things, I usually just end up in a massive muddle. (A good example is the mental tussle I have over supermarkets and shopping – I’ve considered box schemes (too expensive for us), and have driven miles to buy our fruit and veg from a farmers market with two kiddos in the back (incredibly stressful. Do not try it), but still we find ourselves buying stuff from Waitrose or *insert generic supermarket here.*) However, I’ll attempt anything once, so when I was offered the chance to road test the new range of Ecover cleaning supplies, I said a very enthusiastic ‘yes’.

 Ecover are marvelous, and I really, really like them. We already use their washing up liquid and laundry stuff (when we can afford to – like most ethical things, it’s a bit more pricey than supermarket own brand, and as much as I love the environment and our beautiful planet, I’m not prepared to starve for it!), and they’re all superb – a particular favourite is the Grapefruit and Green Tea washing up liquid. The new Zero range contains all the usual ethical wonderful-ness, but has been designed specifically for people with allergies, and is completely fragrance free. As a sufferer of extremely sensitive skin, and the mother to a child prone to eczema, I thought it sounded right up our street.

The pack I received contained non-bio laundry liquid and fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, a dishcloth, tea towel and a handy little tote bag, perfect for taking to the market on fruit and veg day. Lovely!

The cleaning was superb. I gave the laundry liquid and conditioner a rigorous testing on a white load which contained, amongst other things, my dressing gown (robe? What do people even call these things these days?) which was covered in baby sick (erk), toddler breakfast and make up. Mornings are a messy business in our house. Also in there was a tea towel, and a baby-gro. Both suitably mucky. They came out gleaming.

Don’t judge me on my creased tea towel….

The washing up liquid also proved its worth and performed excellently – clean dishes all the way. The only issue I had with it was a personal one – I’m a big fan of smells. I like the smell of clean laundry, and fruity dishwashing liquid, which is why I wouldn’t personally swap to the Zero range. I think if we had more severe allergies, I would do it in a heartbeat, but Benjamin’s eczema is under control, and I can avoid skin irritation simply by wearing rubber gloves. On the whole, though, it’s a superb idea, and I highly recommend Ecover as a brand, and the Zero range as well.

Head over to the Ecover website for more information, products and much more.

(Note: Although I received the cleaning products for free, I wasn’t paid for this post and all opinions are my own. If I’d thought it was pants, I would have said so!)

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  1. Anonymous
    September 22, 2012 / 9:49 am

    It's clearly not a paid review because your sheets haven't come out of your machine ready-ironing. I'm still looking for a washing machine that will do that.

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