decorate: the best of the rest

I did a whole post on how we decorated the lounge for December’s ‘Styling the Seasons’, so I thought I’d finish the job by taking a few (fairly grainy – these dark days are really shocking for photography!) pictures of the rest of the places in the house we’ve decorated.

Our house is really small, so we’re pretty limited on how much we can do; we added this lovely wreath which was sent by the kind folk at Hayes Garden World to the front door – it’s completely fake, but I love how realistic it is, and how huge the pinecones are! I also added bottlefuls of berry-laden branches, lanterns and garlands to the kitchen window, but it was a nightmare to photograph (streetlights, car headlights and other peoples houses all reflected on the window – so inconvenient! 😉 ), and we’ve got a small Christmas tree on the doorstep, which I forgot to photograph. Whoops!

For the first year ever, I decided to festive-up the kiddos room; I made silver circle and star garlands with shaped hole punches and those disposable roasting trays, and strung up a few lengths of fairy lights. My favourites are the ones that go across the window, which my lovely friend gave me for Christmas (she has epically good taste in gifts!) – they’re made up of little wooden shapes, which can be removed, so you can use them all year round. Hurrah! I also made these frosted glass tealight holders from old jam jars and frosting spray – of all the crafts I’ve done this year (and there have been a LOT!), it was probably my favourite and most addictive. Finally, we bought them a miniature Christmas tree from B&Q, whic was decorated partly by them, and mostly by me when they got bored and wandered off. Some people have no Christmas spirit! 😉

The kind folks at Hayes sent me the wreath to review, but as usual all words and opinions are my own. I was particularly impressed by the reasonable prices on the website – something you don’t always find in garden centres!


  1. Daisy Jones
    December 23, 2015 / 11:05 am

    Hello, it all looks so very cosy and joyful not to mention festive, i am admiring the simplicity of your jars….bestest wishes for a happy happy christmasD

  2. vivaladamned
    December 26, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    Your friend does have excellent taste!! 😘

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