a day with a camera

Ever since I finally learned how to use my camera properly (after just two years of the instructions sitting in the box under the bed), I’ve become obsessed with taking pictures. Everywhere I go, I either see people wearing amazing clothes, fabulous architecture that I’ve never noticed, or shadows and plants that I just have the urge to photograph – the ones that have ended up on here are just a small selection, my hard drive is just full of pictures of everything you can think of, from shops to buildings, nature to homewares.

This post is slightly overdue – a couple of weeks ago we went out for the day, starting with brownies and tea in our favourite cafe and then moving onto the park and some glorious blooms. There really aren’t many words to accompany the photographs, they were just things that caught my eye. And as for the outfit photo – sometimes a girl just wants to wear a fur coat and some comfy shoes, nothing more to it. Enjoy the pictorial goodness!

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  1. softspoken
    April 21, 2011 / 5:56 am

    yr outfit looks grand – the perfect mixture of fancy and comfy. love all these photos – the row of rainbow houses especially.

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