I spent a good portion of last Winter working on commissioned hats for toddlers (and a couple for adults), and while it was nice to have actual, real, paying customers, I’m excited to be able to start creating things to sell in an actual Etsy shop this year. My first finished piece, which will be wrapped in tissue and stored carefully until I have a little more stock (one crocheted item does not a shop make), was a ribbed cowl with ribbon-tie top. I found the ball of wool in my stash, and it is just the softest thing I have ever come across (with the exception of Katia sport weight merino – that stuff is like crochet gold), so decided that it would be ideal for my first piece. I had to wear it for the photo, to give a proper idea of the size, but to be honest, I think the Boy is a far better model than me. That said, I think even the lamp is more photogenic than I am!

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