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A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely folks at Blossoming Gifts about their new floral delivery service; based here in the UK, they specialise in beautiful bouquets offered at budget friendly prices. They asked if I’d like to review one of their products – obviously, being completely obsessed with flowers and foliage, I jumped at the chance to spend a couple of hours photographing and faffing around with some beautiful blooms!

The one thing I was most impressed with was the delivery service; they really go out of their way to make it easy to fix a delivery time that suits the recipient – and what’s even better is that they actually arrive when they’re expected to (cough cough Hermes, I’m looking at you). Plus, they’re great for last minute gifts, as you can request the next-day service if you order before 9pm – just what you need for 11th hour birthday shopping!

I have to be honest, I’m always a little sceptical of receiving flowers by post; (Ali is a big fan of supermarket flowers!) I always think they’re bound to get squashed on the journey, or arrive starved of liquid and clinging to life. So when my chosen bouquet (Creme Brulee from the Grandparents Day range) turned up at the door, I was pleasantly suprised – they were packed tidily, and sprung out of the box like they’d just been picked. There were a couple of droopy daisies (but then they’re ridiculously hard to keep perky, so it’s to be expected) but there were no broken stems, curled petals or brown leaves at all. Everything was as fresh as a daisy (sorry!).

Once I’d finished faffing about, trimming stems and taking pictures, I gave the whole thing to my lovely Mum; not only is she my best friend and favourite person, she also looks after Daisy when I have to work, and cares for my Dad who has Alzheimers. She’s amazing, and I couldn’t think of anyone that deserved some beautiful flowers more than her – I’m pleased to be able to report that the chrysanthemums are still going strong, almost three weeks later!

Aside from the quality and delivery, there were a few other things that impressed me about the Blossoming Gifts service:

  • The chocolates that accompany the bouquet are VERY tasty (depending on which one you select, these are often free!)
  • You can choose add-on gifts, such as balloons, enamel jugs and cakes; these are really well priced as well
  • The cost of the bouquets are more than reasonable for the quality of the flowers – I’d definitely order from there again. I’ve not come across cheap flowers that last three weeks before!
  • The website is easy to navigate, and there are a few different ways to shop – they also stock items such as hampers, wine and plants, so you could literally get everything in one place.

I tried desperately to think of some negative points, just to balance things out, but I couldn’t. Erm. They don’t sell tea?

The kind folks at Blossoming Gifts have given readers of this blog a code for a special 33% discount on any bouquet on the site, apart from the ‘Flowers by Post’ range. Simply head to the website, and enter the code at the checkout to receive your money off.

I received the ‘Creme Brulee’ bouquet for review purposes, but as usual all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can see from the pictures how amazing the flowers were!

PS: There’s probably nothing harder than shooting white flowers on a white table, in front of a white wall. It might be time to get some tablecloths and paint!

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