Adventures in Southsea

I’ve been meaning to write this post up for the last two weeks, but as usual, things kept getting in the way! June and July are usually pretty busy for us anyway, but this year it’s been crazier than ever; Ben has just finished infant school (waaaah!) and moves up to the juniors in September, and Daisy is starting reception, so we’ve had loads of visits, concerts, performances and meetings to go to. I’m so glad the holidays are here!

Ali’s birthday is at the end of June, and our anniversary is at the beginning of July, so we usually just celebrate both occasions over one weekend; this year we were pretty short on cash, so we just pottered around Southsea. We had an amazing brunch at Southsea Beach Cafe, popped into Home for coffee and cake, wandered around the Rose Garden and stumbled across the BEST florist stall at the Castle Road market. I’m going to do a separate post with a homeware haul where I talk more about Rose Clover, but for now, check out the website and shop!

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